Are you looking for a Web Hosting for your Web Site? Consider first these elements:
  1.   quality of service
  2. cost (starting from free)
  3. domains included / not included
  4. mail server
  5. support for scripts as Php or Asp
  6. support for database
  7. DNS server
About quality of service: consider limits of hard disk space, traffic and bands limits, guaranteed uptime and reliability, type of helpdesk.
Price. There are more free service, but often they put some ads in your pages, or a banner on top. If you want to build a professional website, of course you cannot host random ads on your pages…
Control if the offer consider domain registration or transfer. Generally, one domain costs about 7,00 $ / year.
If you need mail service, verify the presence of e-mail box: number of  boxes, space included, anti-spam and antivirus…
If your site is dynamic, you need support for scripts like Php or Asp (remember to check version: e.g. Php 5.0.0) and almost a database: MySql is the most used.
If you want to feel free to use many service, it’ s very important to have a DNS server: with this you can point domains (CNAME and A records) or mailboxes (MX records) to external services.


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